Monday, March 23, 2015

My Thoughts on The Walking Dead episode 5-15 "TRY" **SPOILERS**

I am a Walking Dead fan. Have been from the beginning. It just occurred to me to post my thoughts on my blog.... yeah, my life is really hectic so things take a while to sink in. 

I have some thoughts on the latest episode. If you have NOT seen it yet, stop here. 

You were warned. 

Though not a lot of action compared to the previous episode, I think the goal of this episode is setting things up for a payoff in the 90 minute season finale.

 I think Carl and Enid are going to become close friends if not an item. Not just because of convenience but the way she talks, She's been out there. She's not like the rest of the Alexandrians who have their heads buried too far up their asses in denial.

Sasha was/is cracking and though I still think she can go either way, I think she will come out the other side stronger. She needed this "downtime" to process shit and life in general. I know it's not downtime to us but it is to her. At least she can choose to attack rather than just react to being attacked. I think she needed that to purge some shit in her soul.

Carol is still undercover and has never changed. She doesn't trust any of the "residents."

 Michonne..... she's so divided it hurts. She wants this to be the place to stop SOOOOO badly but she's seeing that it's not going to be.... not unless they do something drastic. Her knocking Rick out wasn't for the sake of the asshole he was fighting or to get in good with Deanna, it was to buy her time to finish coming to her own conclusion. Though she knows it's slipping. She's pissed that this isn't the paradise she hoped it would be. She also feels bad about it in her own way because she sort of likes Rick but she just needed him to STFU for a minute

Glen is tired. He's needs this place to be the last stop and he's still holding on to the hope that it will be - he is sort of in denial but after Nicholas' screw up getting Noah killed, he is questioning things too.

Daryl - is just doing what Daryl does. He's in his element now out hunting with Aaron but he knows something isn't right here. Waiting on him..... not much to say.

Rick - Jesus, what to say about Rick. He's gone feral but he still sees things through the lens of now not wishing things were back to the way they were like Deanna does. She just needs her ass kicked. This place lasted because they got lucky. PERIOD. Rick may be an asshole at times but he's a product of his circumstances in that respect.

The rest - I think in the finale, when they go to kick Rick out, the rest are going to take over or try to. AND/OR this is when that one character from the comics shows up that I have read a little about: Negan. I try to stay away from the comics and the commenters because I don't want to be spoiled on the story line but I have seen this go by.

This upcoming 90 minute finale I think will have us holding our breath till the end. I just hope they can keep writing like this.

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